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Published on June 24th, 2009 | by Jules Yap


Floating computer desk

It’s bliss when you find something (cheap, especially) and it fits in perfectly. Christian gets just that with his bargain buy and ends up with a floating computer desk.

He says, “I got this Vika Blecket with Vika Curry legs second hand from this guy on craigslist. Now, I have this closet in my living room that I removed the sliding doors with the intent of putting a desk in there. When I got this Vika desk home, I found out it was the perfect size for the closet.

So this was great, but there seemed to be a little wobble with the desk, also I am a big fan of higher, standing desks so I thought I could do that with this. My first idea was to have a sort of ‘platform’ built that would just raise the table up, but one day I suddenly realized I could just create a little border around the closet walls (maybe an inch thick) and I could rest the table top on top of the pieces of wood or whatever.

So I went to Ikea to get a chair (you know, for sitting), and I got lucky by finding a few spare pieces of wood in the as-is area that were the perfect size for this project. I went home and after much experimenting I mounted the pieces to the closet walls, removed the Vika Curry legs and rested the Blecket right on there.

Under the table you will see a Trofast system that fits quite well underneath and works great as drawers for stuff.

The lights are Larga lights mounted to the closet shelf. The small table thing that my monitor is on is a Viktor shelf attached to … legs… I can’t remember the name of them!

Oh and I took the old Vika Curry legs and put them on a spare Lack side table that I had. Made this cute little table thing.”

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4 Responses to Floating computer desk

  1. Jessica says:

    Pretty cool stuff, I saw this site with some useful info on Computer Desks. Hope it helps

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous: It’s a Creative brand keyboard called “Prodikeys” I believe.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what make of keyboard/piano tray thing is that? i’ve never seen anything like that before.

  4. News Blog says:

    Nice Post
    Steven Spurrier

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