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Published on January 14th, 2009 | by Jules Yap


It’s a dining table for pooch

Have you voted yet? Voting for the Ikea hack of 2008 ends on 15 Jan. Pinot & Dita’s fabric wall art is leading with Spring Chick’s craft table a close second. Who gets the title? You decide. If you’ve not made your pick, click here and then click on your favourite.


Noboru has another take on creating an elevated dog bowl stand. Here’s his story.

He says, “My parents just got 2 new dogs. I decided to give the newest family members a gift for Christmas. I love minimalist design. The economy is in a recession and I’m broke. I don’t have an electric saw to make those awesome dog feeders on IkeaHacker. What am I gonna do?

1. Head over to the As-Is section of Ikea.

2. Watch a beam of sunlight break through the clouds and cast its divine glow upon a set of Capita legs priced at $3.50! Snatched ‘em!

3. Pick up some ‘ole white piece of particle board from the random particle board section of the As-Is. The girl working nearby priced it at $1 because I assume she couldn’t resist my sexy looks and charm.

4. Pick up 4 Bastis bowls. 50 cents each!

5. Head to my other favorite kick-it spot, The Container Store. Dropped big money on the Boot Tray. $8!

6. Drilled some holes and screwed everything together!

Voila! Le Fancy Dog Table for Le $14.50!

Minimal design, minimal price!

The end.”

I’ve also made an update to the dog bowl stand post. Designer added his version of the Benjamin dog bowl stand.

Click to view more elevated dog bowl stands.

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4 Responses to It’s a dining table for pooch

  1. epdrama says:

    doggies are so fortunate

  2. egyphoto says:

    that is cool i like it

  3. sp2kn says:

    thanx for this post !

  4. waywardmedic says:

    These are great, I would love to make them…of course I would need a dog to go with it :P

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