Published on November 26th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


Bare bones computer case

Davide R uses the kitchen tray Variera (can’t find the link on Ikea’s website) as a bare bones computer case. Does it work? Doesn’t it get all dusty? It looks cool though in a Transformers kind of way.

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17 Responses to Bare bones computer case

  1. Gman says:

    Make total sence

  2. low energy pc says:

    In order to build your own custom case you will need at least some knowledge of computers so if this is something you aren’t very comfortable with you should probably instead find a good company to order from instead.

  3. Kotrotsos says:

    A case usually shields against other things- like electromagnetic and High freq. RF radiation. So it might not be a good idea to keep this around for too long.

  4. Ricky The Bootlegger says:

    wow this is really cool, i might turn my computer into this!

  5. AV情趣用品 says:

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  6. dramaqueen says:

    transformers can be cool too.

  7. AV情趣用品 says:

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  8. Informixx says:

    Nice concept about this one. Not actually looks like a hack but certainly, it is somewhat…

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. mrgoodbar says:

    No, this wouldn’t work for many overclockers.

    Overclocked PCs require good air-flow, the kind provided by mid and high end PC cases.

    Sure, his components are out in the open, but unless he points a desk fan at the whole mess, he isn’t going to get much moving air.

    Besides this all looks like older hardware anyway. He’s using on-board video… so, not much of an overclocker.

    Fact is, there is a PC case for everyone now days. So that whole, “This is good for people who like to swap parts,” is kind of silly when tool-less cases are so cheap.

    This hack IS GOOD for someone who can’t afford even a low-end PC case, and his this IKEA thing laying around…

  11. Killa Kev says:

    This could be a good foundation of a cool looking hack/casemod, if he actually did something more than just cram stuff in it and on it. The mess of wires all over the place and the plain fact that he’s using an IDE HDD and DVD-RW drive just isn’t sexy at all. Trim it down, swap out for either rounded IDE cables or SATA devices, close it in, add some lights custom cooling, THEN you’d have a decent case mod.

  12. mrgoodbar says:

    Yeah, pretty lousy as a hack. I bet this guy takes it apart in a week and shoves everything into a real case.

    I mean, it doesn’t really serve any function does it? Just a box some guy shoved computer parts in.

    I mean, if it works for him, it works for him – but this isn’t the type of thing that inspires ideas.

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you’re an overclocker or someone who likes to upgrade or swap out parts on a workbench it does the job. If you’re someone who’s happy buying a PC off the shelf and never bothers to look inside this is obviously not for you.

  14. billthegrunt says:

    Here’s the point:

    It’s not much to look at, but if you’re someone who upgrades their PC a lot, or who needs to easily plug in parts for testing, this is perfect. It keeps everything compact but still accessible.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Worst Hack yet on this site. If that’s all it takes I’ll get my 4 year old to build something…I mean pile a bunch of stuff together and call it a hack.

  16. Anonymous says:

    That’s certainly not a “case” but rather a “hardware testbed”. Considering that it’s metal not even a very practical one.

    As Jason already said: It’s a shelf, and there’s stuff kept on it. Hardly a hack. There are way better “real PC cases” made from Ikea stuff to be found all over the net.

  17. Jason P says:

    Not really a hack, its just a Motherboard sat on a shelf and all connected up.

    Pointless IMHO.

    If all was enclosed it would be cool.

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