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Umanonion’s hacks

Umanonion sends me 2 hacks. I really like the checkerboard look on the armchair (name forgotten).

Umanonion says, “The chair was covered in a plain silver/grey fabric which I removed and replaced with black nylon for the seat and then wove black and white 4″ wide strips of elastic. The white strips are closed loops as they just slid over the frame. The black strips have velcro closings at the bottom.

The other is a set of the Miriam lights (link no longer available) that came with a basic plastic sheet with the image of a flower, leaf or similar motif (yawn). I had squares of 1/4″ thick plexi cut, covered them with white rice paper, and then floated squares of tin centered on the plexi (I used glue sticks cut to about 1/3″ long to float the tin. On top of that, again using a piece of glue stick I put test tubes, held by a piece of wire.

In the test tubes I would put either real roses or ones that I made from ribbon and floral wire and tape. I also wired the units so that they worked together in a checkerboard pattern and put them on 2 dimmer switches. (I had removed the individual power switches from the lights before hanging them as they got in the way.)”

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10 Responses to Umanonion’s hacks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the strips for the chair? I have two Oppala chairs and need to replace the covers. The strips are perfect since I can do myself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Swati: the glue sticks did not melt as the heat from the lights was minimal and never got warm enough to effect the glue sticks. What the heat did mess with was the GD thermostat that my idiot landlord installed on that wall (you can see it on the wall in the lower right section of the pic.) Whenever i had teh lights on for too long the room would get progressively colder. I only had them all on when i was having parties and in that small apartment the cooler temps were greatly appreciates


  3. SEO Firm says:

    Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  4. sina says:

    did you make it yourself??

  5. Swati says:

    I like the lights looking like a sculpture or installation. But I love the glue stick idea – its brilliant! Doesn’t the glue unstick or melt somewhat from its shape with the heat though?

  6. Jenkinsm says:

    I used to have one of those chairs in a copper color and I loved it, but it disappeared when we moved. I forgot the name and Ikea doesn’t sell it any more but I got the new version of that type of chair and it’s nice. If anyone knows the name please post a comment I would love to know what it was called so I can try to find one somewhere.

  7. The French Dude says:

    Hi mate !

    Nice work on the chair.
    It was called OPPALA, but it’s no longer available.

  8. ab says:

    the chair is Emmabo

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