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Published on November 1st, 2007 | by Jules Yap


inspiration: mark marcinik’s ikea hacks

mark marcinik of greenmeadow architects, who did the fabulous update on the 1950′s eichler home sent me more photos of his work. i’m in love!

he writes, “ikea is the 21st century answer to the 1950′s hardware store… an inexpensive supplier of ‘raw’ materials. here are my own photos of the seybold house ikea hacks (sunset magazine, april 2007).
GMA ikea hack sey 13_1

the stainless steel sliding doors aren’t custom, they are ikea cover panels hung on sliding door tracks.
GMA IKEA Hack 11_1

the bar is made of doors parts and three cabinet boxes and more cover panels. the translucent window in the red wall is an ikea door.

GMA ikea hack dow1_1

this bathroom counter was made out of bits and pieces of ikea boxes, doors and hardware. the top is industrial plastic from another great material source… mcmaster-carr. the sink was originally a stainless steel salad bowl but after the house won a ‘home of the year’ award we thought we needed to upgrade it. the lighting fixture was salvaged from a 1950′s eichler house and refurbished. the magazine metropolitan home never used this picture because they thought it looked too scary. the scary painting is by artist judy gittelsohn. the coffee cups and bowl are from vintage 1970′s thrift store, heller .
GMA ikea hack BA 12_1

in this other ikea hack, we used ikea kitchen cover panels to panel the kitchen and dining room walls and construct a matching door and create a bar type area and an art display niche.”

photos and design by mark marcinik, greenmeadow architects.

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6 Responses to inspiration: mark marcinik’s ikea hacks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mark designed our eichler remodel on the peninsula,the most beautiful combination of ikea, brazilian slate, light, air, color, outdoors inside and inside out…and 5 yrs later the home sold in 3 days in this economy. he then crossed the bay to help us and did his magic or a dilapidated and tacky town house with a fabulous view. we now live in the most beautiful place i’ve ever lived, sourrounded by mark’s magical mystery tour of ikea, color etc., and this fabulous view.

  2. Leslie Dow says:

    We were the salad bowl people..we used one because the remodel was big, expensive and we were on a budget, a tight one. The one thing we did spend money on was Mark’s services. I would much rather have a amazing design with a salad bowl than a real stainless sink and no design. BTW, I also posted another of Mark’s designs on my blog. He desiged an entertainement center from Ikea refrigerator cabinets and parts from Tap Plastics.

  3. Bethie says:

    It looks wonderful, but some of the hack seem to be done just for hacking’s sake. For example the stainless steel sink. Why use a salad bowl? Why not, I dunno, _buy a sink_?

    It’s a great inspiration if all you’ve got access to is ikea things or are on a tight budget, but I can’t imagine that applies to these architects. At the end of it I have to ask, why?

  4. Adam Snider says:

    That is so awesome. I’m totally envious!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Amazing crib that combines the best of old with new.

    There are also a lot of Eichler Homes in Upper Lucas Valley (in Marin County) that have undergone a similar transformation.

    Check them out at

  6. 2weiX says:


    no, really, just… drool.

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