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Published on June 20th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


justin’s 2-tier computer desk

justin’s 2-tier computer desk comes together nicely as one compact home office.


“i wanted something with a lot of desk space and the ability to grow. i got the mikael desk, the angled capita legs and a lack shelf and mounted them together.”


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7 Responses to justin’s 2-tier computer desk

  1. Omar Alkurd says:

    Someone said they did this using capita straights & the glass top for the Mikael desk.

    But if you use the glass top, then you wont be able to affix the Lack shelf to the desk… or is there something Im missing??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please! Where did you find that desk?

  3. Wow what an impressive desk is this? But there should be way to hid the cables all around. One thing that always makes me feel bad is what are these cables.

  4. DaTaco says:

    I’ve been searching for the desk I want and I was thinking about this one. I have a couple questions if anyone would mind helping me.
    I’d really like to add a wire management system to this (I believe it’s called sigma) However I’ve been told that this desk is “honeycomb” on the inside. So I was wondering what else I could possibly do.
    My other thought was about attaching a keyboard slider underneath it to take my keyboard off of the desk but I run into the same problem.
    My last question, are the table legs holllow? Could I drill a into the lack shelf and run wires through that instead of having them behind? Basically my biggest issue is cable management. I want to hide as many wires as possible.. any other suggestions?


  5. CharlyBrown says:

    The legs don’t end in the metal disc that you see on the table top. They continue in a large bolt. So you can drill holes right under the metal discs, put the bolt through and fix the leg with a nut beneath the table top. Works great!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey! That’s MY desk! :)

    I did the same thing (including dual monitors and speakers) except I used the 4″ capita straight legs. I also used the glass top for the mikael desk.

  7. Nick says:

    Thanks for the tip! This sounds like an excellent idea. I’m thinking of doing this with the VIKA AMON black table top and a black LACK shelf.

    How did you attach the shelf to the desk, though? From what I can see, it looks like the legs are only screwed into the shelf, not into the desk. Is the shelf just sitting on top of the desk or is it actually attached in some way? If it’s not attached, what’s to stop it from wobbling or tipping over/forward?

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