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Published on May 21st, 2007 | by Jules Yap


desktop cable box

too many wires and cables snaking on and around your table? niclas from germany gives us a cable box idea to hide them all.


“i used two björken bathroom wall cabinets and mounted them together. the two björkens sit on my desktop and all cables and electrical wires are inside.

as the connecting bottom and top panels were removed the doors will not close properly, so i put in four pins which were included to hold the glass panes and rested the two glass panes over the pins. now the door closes perfectly and you can put more heavy things like an monitor on the cable box.


IMG_2807 IMG_2808





i put in two multiple sockets to connect all electrical stuff like monitors, lamps, printer, mobile phone charger and notebook charger. in it is also an active usb hub to connect two external hard drives (which are also placed in the björken), an usb web cam, my ipod adapter cable, my printer etc. soon i will build in a ‘roll-on usb cable’ (pix below, left) so i only have to pull a cable out of the björken to attach to my computer. and when i pull it out of my notebook the cable will automatically roll up.

gr_982476_bb_00_fb.eps IMG_2809

i also cut a hole on the top side of the cabinet, the accommodate speaker and network cables.”

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8 Responses to desktop cable box

  1. allergy usgab says:

    Yes “very nice work & creativity”. Well and certainly wanted see your modification…

  2. tino says:

    very nice work & creativity, but there has to be a much better method than “in your face” wooden boxes ;)
    Maybe a thought might be to put them underneath? At least, that way too you’d have more desk-space. Great start to an awesome invention.

  3. niclas says:


    thanks that you like my idea.

    I already prepare some modifications you will see soon.

    Heat is no problem, there in enough space and two 72mm holes.

    In the moment there are two external hard drives and 8 power bricks in my box.


  4. Tom says:

    This confused me:

    “as the connecting bottom and top panels were removed the doors will not close properly”

    but the more I look at it.. it seems to only be a problem if you put two Bjorken’s end to end. If you only use one Bjorken (my desk will not accommodate two) then the problem goes away.

    Excellent idea!! I’ll implement soon.


  5. Jules says:

    Yes, Tom, adjusting the glass panels is only necessary if you joined the 2 cabinets end to end. No need to do that with just one Bjorken.

  6. Anonymous says:


    He didn’t wrote he will build a roll-on-USB-cable by himself, he wrote he will build such thing INTO the wooden box “Björken”.

    Please read more carefully.

    Of course you can buy roll-on-cables of almost every kind, USB, FireWire, EtherNet, VGA, DVI, etc. etc.

    Good luck to you project, madieta :-)

  7. Madieta says:

    I love the ‘roll-on usb cable’ idea, I was thinking in this to solve the problems with the projector cables (VGA and audio) in my office. How will you build it? Is possible to buy it somewhere?

  8. Shane says:

    This looks great. One tip is to watch the heat buildup inside the box. Many power bricks produce a lot of heat (even when they aren’t being used by the main device they power).

    If there is heat build-up, then mount a small fan inside the box (like the fan used inside CPU cases). I use one of the fans to keep my DVR cool since it’s inside a media shelve with very little natural ventilation.

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