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Published on January 16th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


expedit grande

seena’s furniture designer boyfriend, randall finally made her a bookcase after she threatened to “just rent a car and go to ikea herself!”. anyhow, he still chose to start with the expedit as the base. it’s hard to resist ikea some times, isn’t it?

randall used, as he says, “some leftover 2″ square mild steel tubing from a prior project and a bit more, cut and welded the base. the expedit is anchored to the wall, and brackets were welded to the frame below the bookcase, which allowed for screws into the expedit bookcase. the beauty of the thing is that the 2″ tubing, is the same width as the frame of the expedit, and the black patina finish i used complements the dark brown finish of the expedit. so, in a sense, they look like they were made to be together.”

not bad, for a bookcase put together in an incredible 4.5 hours. i like how the ceiling height is exploited. the extra height makes the bookcase delightfully grand and though i don’t know how the rest of the room looks, i would think the bookcase makes a pretty strong focal point.

the 3 cubes are from bed bath & beyond (can’t find the $99.00 version randall got, which are knock-offs from the ones at room & board).

check out randall’s modern steel furniture designs too. am loving the benches.

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7 Responses to expedit grande

  1. Sowilo says:

    I am will to pay you for a base just like that so I can elevate my ikea book case! Email me [email protected]
    If you are interested.

    I will pay for your time, materials and of course shipping! I just bought a house and am in escrow right now, but will be ready to make this happen mid August or hopefully sooner.

  2. Candi says:

    Which table did you use for your base? I can’t find one in the Expedit series or anywhere on

  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy Girl….
    Does your Pilot cook World Cuisine 4u?
    Does he make your Valentines Day gifts?

    what your missing….
    Look up a wonderful fabricator in Seattle, called Gulassa- they mostly do Steel Furniture- and see if any of the “shop guys” who work there, can give you private lessons- or recommend a class in the Sea/Tac area…

    Thanks for the kind words!!!
    Randall- aka “The Man of Steel”

  4. I want one! What the heck am I doing dating a pilot when I could be dating a handy guy like Randall?!?!?!

    Really, though, I would love it if someone would teach me to be handy. I want to be but I have no idea where to learn. Anyone in the Tacoma area?

  5. eric says:

    that is really, really beautiful. can i have one?

  6. Kramer says:

    come to the Bloggosphere my brother.

    Aaron Kramer (brother)

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