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light up with a homemade sun jar

erika tipped me on this fabulous hack. i’m liking it a lot – this homemade solar-powered cookie jar by cre8tor, as featured in instructables. it’s so whimsical and reminds me of my firefly catching days.

making it seems simple enough. take an ikea glass jar (one from the ikea slom series would do great) and place the parts of a solar garden light into the jar. use blu-tack to adjust and keep the parts in place.

solar powered sunjar

to frost the jar, use a strip of tracing paper or a glass frosting spray. close the lid and you’re done. keep the jar by the window with strong sunlight and the light sensing diode at the top of the jar will charge the batteries. when the light goes down, your sun jar lights up. makes a great gift too. link.

Update: The IKEA SLOM jar is discontinued. The KORKEN will work too. 

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5 Responses to light up with a homemade sun jar

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this idea… you can also put salt inside the glass which is very inexpensive

  2. Chaz says:

    Totally cool…my rommie didnt believe when I told her you did this…it totally ROCKs!

  3. diysolarlights says:

    I bought a homemade jar on etsy and blogged my experiences with solar light jars. It must’ve been bad quality since it was dim and short lasting =(

  4. Jules says:

    i like the idea of using sand or rice for textured effect. thanks for your suggestion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    another simple way to frost –

    spray interior with glue, or paint on pva glue.
    whilst the glue is still wet, put in a generous tablespoon of flour.
    close lid.
    shake it all about.
    open lid and discard loose flour.

    you can also use sand or rice for a nice effect.

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