Finding your way around IKEAhackers

Hello there (or as they say in IKEA, Hej!)

This page is meant to help you get off the ground and hacking in no time.

First, what is an IKEA hack?

IKEAHackers original template
This was how we started

Compared to when IKEAhackers started in 2006, an IKEA hack almost needs no introduction now. It’s the staple of home decor blogs and DIY sites. It’s everywhere! Even at IKEA stores.

But if you’re new here and you’re wondering what the heck is an IKEA hack, we’d say it’s a modification of an IKEA product. It could range from a repurposing, reassembly, upgrade, update, personalisation or the creation of something totally new. Still don’t get it? A quick browse may help.

Before you start hacking, a caution.

Hacking can eat up all your leisure hours. It can also rubbish your IKEA furniture. It can destroy the structural integrity of the product and compromise its safety standards. Hacking has its risk. So always check, double check and err on the safe side.

You have a hack. How do you share it?

Righto! We would love to see it. Just shoot us an email. Submission details here.

You love it here! How do you get all the good stuff?

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Bookmark us and drop by for fresh new hacks every day. We post a new hack every Monday to Friday, and IKEA related news or Jules’ personal scribbles as and when it happens. So there’s always something new in here.


Now let’s get hacking

We’ve listed a few easy projects for you test waters and get a sense of how fun IKEA hacking can be. Try them out and see if you like modifying flatpack furniture to fit your style and purpose.

Once you get the hang of it, move on to other more exciting projects, like these hugely popular ones.

If you need more inspiration, browse the Archives. Or find a hack via search.

Happy hacking!