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Turn your JANSJÖ into a light off timer lamp!

We hacked an IKEA LED lamp to turn off automatically after twenty minutes. It’s our version of a light off timer lamp. We have a bunch of JANSJÖ LED lights in our home. They’re good quality, they have exactly the right mix of focus, intensity, and bendability. And they’re good value. Great stuff. JANSJÖ LED […]


November 7, 2019

Q: What do you do with leftover IKEA hardware?

Over at the IKEAhackers Community FB Group, Christina posted an interesting question: “What do you all do with leftover IKEA hardware? I have so many bits of things even for pieces I no longer own … any suggestions?” She mentions that she is selling some of the leftover … “but all the little screws, etc. […]

ikea hardware hex maze

November 6, 2019

IKEA illuminated bookshelf – Let there be light!

This is the story on how I built a BESTÅ + LACK illuminated bookshelf. It all started because I had an empty wall in my living room and needed to decorate it: before We looked into several possibilities and came up with a decision to make an embedded bookcase. Settled the design and asked around for prices […]

illuminated bookshelf

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November 5, 2019

Bathroom alcove cabinet with Maximera drawers

A bathroom alcove cabinet with counter-mounted basin and three MAXIMERA drawers The two working upper drawers appear to be close together as normal, but they’ve been modified to accommodate the basin waste in between them. IKEA items used: MAXIMERA drawers x 3, with the upper drawers being less deep in the horizontal direction than the […]

bathroom alcove cabinet ikea maximera


November 4, 2019

IKEA changes its logo for Virgil Abloh’s MARKERAD

The collab between IKEA and Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director, Virgil Abloh drops today. And for the first time in its long history, IKEA alters its logo to celebrate the event. A tiny “Abloh-hack”, if you will. Taking a leaf from Abloh’s iconic use of quotation marks, IKEA followed suit by capping its bold yellow logo in […]

Virgil Abloh Ikea markerad collection


November 1, 2019

Making the ultimate built-in action figure display case

Action figure display case from stock IKEA BILLY bookshelves Since I’ve moved to a new place I wanted to make an ultimate nerd room/ guest room/ home office. I am an action figure collector, so I have plenty of action figures to be displayed. At the beginning of this hack I had some IKEA BILLY cabinets […]

action figure display case ikea billy


October 31, 2019

Q: Can MAXIMERA Drawers fit PLATSA Frames?

I have questions about PLATSA frames and MAXIMERA drawers (for METOD kitchen range). It’ll be very kind of you if you let me get some useful tips related to my question. IKEA items used:  PLATSA: 80 x 60 x 180 and 40 x 60 x 180 frames MAXIMERA 80cm width drawers Other materials and tools:  […]

platsa drawers options

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October 30, 2019

KNAGGLIG crate in custom size: A how-to

Here’s a how-to on customizing the size of a KNAGGLIG crate I hope this information is useful to somebody. It is not a real high-tech or difficult hack, but I was browsing the internet myself and could not find any information on modifying the sizes. So, here it is! I was thinking of making right […]

custom size knagglig crate


October 29, 2019

Make a vintage style IKEA Piano Lamp

After purchasing a new digital piano with a classical upright piano design, I needed a matching piano lamp. The piano has high gloss black finish, a classic piano lamp in brass or silver would fit nicely. The available piano lamps I found were either very simple design, plastic or of a very expensive German brand. […]

piano lamp ikea

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October 28, 2019

How to add light to poorly lit bathroom vanity mirror

Light to shine on your bathroom mirror even when you don’t have space for vanity lights The house we’re renting at the moment has a very poorly lit en suite. It’s served by two tiny energy saving bulbs which take far too long to warm up, and they’re set so far back from the mirror […]


October 25, 2019

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