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6-drawer dresser: One RAST is good, two is even better

Join two RAST chests and turn them into one 6-drawer dresser I originally purchased the RAST 3-drawer chest back in January 2019. I added trim around the drawers and painted everything white. Purchased new knobs from Homegoods and used the dressers as nightstands. Until I got tired of the white nightstands and needed a new […]

6 drawer dresser hack


October 18, 2019

IKEA desk transformed into beauty vanity with storage

By installing a mirror in the background and adding some lateral lights we turned a boring writing desk into a ready-to-party big beauty vanity, full of storage. IKEA items: HEMNES desk with add-on unit LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp Related: Good morning makeup vanity Other materials: Marble vinyl sticker Grey fabric Grey paint Mirror Knobs Double […]

beauty vanity ikea hemnes


October 17, 2019

Help: Why are PAX wardrobe runners slipping off?

Help me solve this PAX wardrobe problem. I’ve got a PAX wardrobe which has been standing fine for the last 8 months or so. It is not fixed to the wall and has sliding doors. The size is 200 x 150 cm. I noticed a few days ago that the carcass on the right hand […]

IKEA Pax wardrobe problem


October 16, 2019

Keep plants happy with this DIY self-watering planter

IKEA BITTERGURKA gets subterranean irrigation tanks. I modified this planter to make it self-watering and therefore needing only occasional filling. IKEA item used: BITTERGURKA plant pot Other materials: Reservoir. I used empty humus tubs with lids, but would recommend something sturdier, if available. Irrigation tubing. Some small-bore flexible plastic hose that I originally bought for […]

diy self watering planter

October 15, 2019

Turn IKEA doll beds into an adorable cat bunk bed

Move over dolls, we want the IKEA DUKTIG as a cat bunk bed You may have seen some photos of these adorable cat bunk beds and wondered where they came from. They’re actually sold as “doll beds” at IKEA! IKEA does sell pet furniture (in some countries) and it’s probably easier to buy than make, […]

cat bunk bed ikea duktig hack


October 14, 2019

Robots can build IKEA furniture but IKEA utensils can also build a robot

A few months ago I sent you some of my work … a series of upcycled IKEA robots. You can see them here: KROBY snake lamp Fire Water Upcycled Robot KVART robot lamps Here are a few more. Hi! My name is K02 IKEA items used for IKEA Robots: For the feet — SULTAN legs […]

ikea robots

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October 11, 2019

2 fabulous ways to use TRONES, not as a shoe cabinet

IKEA TRONES shoe cabinet perfect for the bathroom and hallway I turned it into a key cabinet for our hallway and a laundry sorter for our small bathroom. TRONES in the bathroom as a laundry cabinet Basically you would not need any modifications. But I wanted it to look cool so I applied a wooden […]

trones hallway key cabinet


October 10, 2019

Help! KALLAX desk combination in horizontal position?

I bought the KALLAX desk combination, pictured below. I wanted to place the KALLAX unit (2×4) horizontally so it would be 2 high and the product description led me to believe this was possible. KALLAX desk combination | IKEA.com From the description it said – “Choose whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally […]

kallax desk combination

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October 9, 2019

DIY corner speaker shelf for the SONOS Play:1

I already had a long MOSSLANDA picture ledge on that wall and wanted a matching corner shelf to hold my SONOS Play:1 speaker. The project took about 2 hours and only the cost of the MOSSLANDA picture ledge. I already had the screws, PVA and tools to hand. I love that it matches the style […]

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1


October 8, 2019

A genius way to add a pull-out desk to an IKEA drawer

IKEA drawer with desk for small room I wanted to create a desk space for my daughter, but the room she shares with her brother is very small. It’s only 7 sq. meters. MALM chest of 4 drawers | IKEA.com IKEA item used: MALM chest of 4 drawers Other items Wooden board for table and […]

ikea drawer with desk


October 7, 2019

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