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20 fabulous kids room decorating ideas from this Insta #

Got kids? Then, you’re probably looking for decorating ideas to make the most of your kids room. If so, drop everything and do a quick search on your Instagram for the hashtag #ikeahacksforkids. The hashtag is so fun to follow, with lots of amazing kids rooms and decorating ideas to spiff up the tiny tot’s […]

kids room decorating ideas

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February 14, 2020

IKEA SYMFONISK lives loud as a folded horn speaker

Little speaker, big sound in this folded horn speaker hack. I’m not that young anymore (born in 1965, the year of Moore’s law) but I’ve been interested in technology and engineering since I was young. My uncle Hubert inspired me: he helped me setting the first steps in electronics. He also gave me some old […]

symfonisk folded horn speaker


February 13, 2020

Q: Is IKEA MOSJÖ stable without the backboard?

I recently got one of those small IKEA MOSJÖ TV stands. It’s mostly perfect for what I need. I have a 55″ Oled TV on it and a center speaker + a stand to lift the TV — all sitting in the middle of the bench top. MOSJÖ TV stand | IKEA.com Overall weight sitting […]

Ikea mosjo


February 12, 2020

Here’s how to win an IKEA sleepover next month

Is a sleepover at an IKEA showroom on your bucket list? Here’s your chance to check it off without risking arrest. Following the footsteps of many IKEA stores around the world, (the latest being IKEA Korea) IKEA USA is finally giving IKEA Family members the chance to win a fun overnighter. Sadly, it’s not a […]

ikea sleepover usa 2020


February 11, 2020

BESTÅ, Bested: The cheapest, easiest DIY custom doors

Yay for the easiest and cheapest way to make custom doors for the BESTÅ. I just moved and have a bit more space, and FINALLY the opportunity to have some striking furniture! I fell in love with this gorgeous credenza from CB2. Source: Issa, CB2 But since it costs CAD2000, it was far outside my […]

besta custom doors hack before


February 10, 2020

14 fresh ideas to plan and organize your craft room

Hacks and ideas to solve your craft room storage woes. If there’s one thing I know about DIY, is that you need storage — storage for supplies, tools, leftover bits and bobs, paused projects (you know, the macrame tapestry from 2018?) and for future projects. Luckily for us, IKEA is synonymous with storage. And with […]

craft room ideas ikea hacks

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February 7, 2020

IKEA featuring MDS: A built-in speaker shelf hack

BESTÅ cabinet gets a built-in speaker shelf. After some years of silence on the SUB arena of IKEAhackers I’m back again. The ”IKEA featuring JBL” is still living, but now in our new flat. (And yes, I have got some feedback from our new neighbors). Our son has moved out, so we built a small […]

built-in speaker shelf ikea besta


February 6, 2020

Q: Stacking IKEA shelving – Albert, Hyllis or Hejne?

I’m planning on buying a new shelf for my hallway, but I’m rather limited in both available space and financials, so IVAR is out of my limit. On the other hand, ALBERT, HYLLIS and HEJNE shelves are all suitable for me, but they are rather short. I want my shelf to be from 200 to 280 cm (78 – 110 inches) tall. Is there a […]

ikea shelving rack

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February 5, 2020

16 new products at IKEA that made us go ahhhh…

February in IKEA sees an influx of new products, all about living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that’s close to nature. The aim is to bring nature to your home with a dash of greenery and a healthy dose of wabi-sabi (the Japanese wisdom of embracing the imperfect.) KORNSJÖ Cabinet with mirror | A cabinet […]

ikea new products


February 4, 2020

The 3 little pigs of IKEA get waistcoats

My hack is called ‘Best Dressed Piggy’ and it’s a pattern for a waistcoat for the IKEA KELGRIS pigs soft toy. (The KELGRIS is sold in a set of 3 at IKEA. Discontinued in the USA but still available on Amazon. IKEA has another pig soft toy called KNORRIG.) When my granddaughter’s Piggy went missing […]

ikea KELGRIS pigs waistcoat

February 3, 2020

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