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IKEA LACK Stencilled Accent Table for succulents

Hi, my name is Elyse and here’s an IKEA hack inspired by Nifty, on how to upcycle an IKEA LACK side table into a beautiful stenciled accent table complete with succulents. Materials: IKEA LACK Side Table (black) Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil Kit by Kim Myles 120 grit sandpaper Stix primer Painter’s tape Benjamin Moore Philipsburg […]

IKEA LACK Accent Table for succulents


August 16, 2018

Hackers Help: Best HEMNES Finish for Hacking?

Finally taking the plunge on my first IKEA hack! I am looking to switch up the look of two new HEMNES dressers that I will buy for this purpose. One will probably just be done with chalk paint, while the other I hope to combine gel stained drawer fronts with paint on the dresser frame […]


August 15, 2018

IKEA hacks itself with the LYSKRAFT collection

We’ve come full circle. We’re usually the ones hacking, now IKEA decides to join in the fun. “Hacking and DIY are trends that continue to grow. More and more people take creativity into their own hands, loving to remake and renew. And so do we at IKEA. The hackers are an inspiration to us, and […]

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August 14, 2018

Rattan doors for the EXPEDIT / KALLAX cubbies

This is an old hack of mine. I had an EXPEDIT TV shelving unit and wanted some BRANÄS drawers for it. However, for some of the cubbies a door was better suited, so I had to do a small hack. I hacked the rattan doors for the EXPEDIT but it will work for the KALLAX too. […]

Rattan doors for the EXPEDIT / KALLAX cubbies

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August 13, 2018

Light up with a cute table lamp made from serving bowls

I created this table lamp and its name is BLANDA BLANDA. It’s shaped like a turtle. I used the BLANDA BLANK steel serving bowls. The biggest bowl I used as the lamp base, the smaller bowl as lamp holder. I made a hole in steel bowls using a drill with a steel cutter. Then I […]


August 10, 2018

Video Games Table for less than 100 euros

I love to play ’80’s arcade games, so I wanted a video games table — something cool and compact for my living room to play in my spare time using my TV. So I got the idea to create something to be used both as a table and video game console too. I spent less […]


August 9, 2018

Hackers Help: Adhesive for TROFAST LEGO hack

I recently saw an awesome LEGO hack where someone made a LEGO table from the LACK table by attaching the TROFAST rails and bins underneath the table. I was super excited because our TROFAST storage combination unit came with extra rails. The hack mentioned to use Loctite Stik ‘n Seal as the adhesive to attach […]

lego table adhesive

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August 8, 2018

First look at the 2019 IKEA catalogue and it does not disappoint

There’s always one thing to look forward to in August – the new IKEA catalogue. This year also marks IKEA’s 75th anniversary year – so there is an even bigger buzz about the 2019 IKEA catalogue than normal. First, there’s no “theme” on the cover, like previous years. Rather, IKEA designed 7 homes, each with its […]

August 7, 2018

Show off your shoes in this gorgeous gold rack

As part of my ongoing hunt for more storage I was looking for a creative way to store my shoes on display but without forking out tonnes of money for it. I knew I wanted some kind of bookcase or shelving unit but looking online at pieces to upcycle just wasn’t working well for me. […]


August 6, 2018

How to disguise your Bike Trailer as a end table

I created this hack for two reasons. It saves space by not having to store my bike trailer and I really thought it would look interesting to use the trailer as an end table. To use the bike trailer all I do is lift off the top and connect to my bike. IKEA Items used: […]

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August 3, 2018

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