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Upgrade your old kitchen island with a hot new rack

I have had a STENSTORP Kitchen island in black for years and when the 2019 IKEA catalog came out with the new VADHOLMA kitchen island with rack I was immediately smitten. I trawled Google looking for someone that had managed to fit the new rack on the old bench but only people saying that the […]

stenstorp island vadholma rack

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September 21, 2018

My new Writing Room / Sanctuary. Features a monster desk!

I’ve recently taken up writing again, but I needed a nice quiet place to do that – and a place that makes me feel peaceful and happy. We decided to fit out a spare junk room into a writing room, a functional working space. First, we painted it a lovely pale blue and then decided […]


September 20, 2018

Hackers Help: Corner table without corner leg?

My question is this: I bought 2 LINNMON table tops to make a corner table. 1. 120 x 60 cm 2. 200 x 60 cm FYI – IKEA does not offer the “LINNMON Corner Table Top” in our location 🙁 I want to set them up as in the above image, but want to keep […]

L shape desk no middle leg


September 19, 2018

IKEA wants to scan your butt for the ultimate gaming chair

So it seems finding the perfect gaming chair is no easy feat. And rather than just land on a good gaming chair through trial and error, IKEA wants to make sure you get one that fits your posterior perfectly. In a partnership with educational esports group Area Academy and 3D-printing medical company Unyq, the ultimate IKEA […]

September 18, 2018

Sunnersta Cart Becomes Craft Cart / Sewing Tool Station

I had been looking for a solution to store my most frequently used tools and “works in progress” in my sewing area. I loved the SKÅDIS Pegboard, but I didn’t have enough wall space, so I thought it was out of the question. After looking at some craft carts, I realized I could hack my […]

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September 17, 2018

Weekend project: Make a Cozy Corner for your Cat

I decided to hack this item because I live in a small apartment and wanted to have a space for my cat. My cat corner is an easy way to store all of his things without taking up a lot of room. My favorite thing about this hack is that the litter is concealed. It […]

September 14, 2018

Glass shelving unit / bookcase… made out of shelves

I had old IKEA GRUNDTAL shelves lying around and I wanted a glass shelving unit for my modem and plants. It took me two evenings to complete and the cost came up to around $80. Looking back, I would have ordered the glass clamps from China for lower cost. I like how simple it looks. […]

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September 13, 2018

Hackers Help: Can the BROGRUND wall shelf rods be shortened?

Can BROGRUND Wall Shelf rods be shortened like GRUNDTAL rods can — by cutting the rods with a hacksaw to desired length, pushing the screw fitting from the cut end and reinserting back into the newly shortened rod? I need 18” and 21” shelves. ~ by Colleen *** Hi Colleen I’ve not cut one up […]

September 12, 2018

As-is item in IKEA turns into a luxe tray table

So I found this IKEA GLADOM tray table in the bargains section in IKEA and all sorts of ideas came into my head. I’ve been looking for a side table for a while but couldn’t seem to find one that I loved. So I thought to myself, if this works, awesome! If not, I didn’t […]


September 11, 2018

KALLAX units upcycled into cheap and easy clothes space

In a very small room, with a high ceiling, I created clothes space by reusing old KALLAX units and an old IKEA kitchen rail (BYGEL). This cost me only £15 for two new wardrobe rails. I only used basic tools of spirit level, electric drill (for wall holes etc.), battery powered screwdriver and a very […]


September 10, 2018

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