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14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for IKEA lovers

You love each other. You love IKEA. In my books, that seems a good enough reason to get each other IKEA themed Valentine’s Day gifts. Right? I found some really cute (and funny) Valentine’s Day gift ideas on Etsy, bound to make your significant other’s heart flutter or melt, or both. Some of these gifts […]

valentines day gift ideas


January 23, 2019

Hackers Help: Help me turn this built-in bed into reality

Please please please, Do you have any idea how to set up this built-in bed with IKEA furniture? I’m willing to do it if you could only give me help on which furniture would fit to build up this kind of bed. I’ll be happy to share the step by step plan once I get […]

How-to: Make clean, precise cuts on IKEA LACK shelf

I worked out a precise and clean way to cut the IKEA LACK shelf to the length I wanted. A few years ago, I built a bookshelf arrangement with a selection of LACK shelves and BESTÅ cupboards. The black, white and yellow LACK parts exist in 190, 110 & 30cm lengths, but the dark brown […]


January 22, 2019

An unusual take on the popular IKEA shoe storage cabinet

This is my IKEA hack of a HEMNES shoe storage cabinet. I needed a shoe cabinet, but couldn’t find one that I liked, so I decided to use the IKEA HEMNES to create my own custom ornamental shoe cabinet. The hack was very easy to do and didn’t take too long. I finished it within […]

ornamental shoe storage cabinet


January 21, 2019

Before you splurge, check out this $15 DIY pedalboard

As a guitarist and dad, I was searching for an affordable way to keep my effect pedals all secured and easy to move as my toddler likes to rearrange them while I play, disconnecting cables and cords as he fiddles with knobs and buttons. Professionally built pedalboards (like these) can cost an arm and a […]

diy pedalboard


January 18, 2019

Improved IKEA bed with easy DIY tufted headboard

I am an interior designer and I love to do things by myself and very often I use IKEA products. This time, I made a tufted headboard for the bed in my son’s room. We moved to new apartment and I had to furnish the rooms for all of my three kids. I wanted nice […]


January 17, 2019

Hackers Help: How to hack a Linnmon desk privacy panel?

I’m using the LINNMON desk with the OLOV legs. The desk faces out to people, where they can see the person’s legs, chair, and computer. Do you have any hack that I could use to create a “front” to the desk to hide said person’s legs, chair, and computer? ~ by Bryan *** Hi Bryan […]


January 16, 2019

Computer desk from GULLIVER crib. Old IKEA cot gets new life.

I made a computer desk from my son’s old IKEA GULLIVER crib (with IKEA mattress for that crib). IKEA items used: GULLIVER crib LINNMON table top Crib to computer desk conversion Basically the stand of the desk is the crib. I made it according to original IKEA instructions, leaving out the front wall. Then I […]

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January 15, 2019

Create a delightful and cozy kid’s reading corner

I wanted to make my boy a room that he would love and reflect his love of reading and my nostalgia. The seat in the reading corner was made so he could have a snugly corner. IKEA items used: PAX Wardrobe Fabric Other materials and tools: Paint Board Hack instructions for our reading corner: First, […]


January 14, 2019

Dad does it! Hacks the most amazing princess castle bed

When my son was 4 years old, my wife and I needed to move him out of his convertible toddler bed to a “big kid bed” so that our daughter could begin to use the former. He wasn’t excited about it, so I offered to build him a new bed that was “the most awesome […]

fairy princess castle bed ikea hack


January 11, 2019

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