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12 IKEA small space finds from the 2020 Catalog

Small space? No problem. IKEA has some solutions for you. Earlier this month, IKEA launched their 2020 catalog and as I was flipping through it, I thought, “The homes seems to be getting smaller!” It’s not new. IKEA has been telling us that for years. But in this catalog, that message seems to be at […]

ikea small space finds

August 16, 2019

Montessori Tower with a touch of Mondrian

I wanted to build a Montessori observation tower for a child. Kids like looking at the countertop in the kitchen to help. Materials: BEKVÄM step tool Paint – red, blue, yellow, black (I had leftovers) Glue Screws BEKVÄM step stool | IKEA.com My version of the Montessori Tower I had left overs from a NUMERÄR […]

montessori tower ikea hack


August 15, 2019

Hackers Help: Can I make slimmer KIVIK armrests?

KIVIK armrests taking up too much space. My boyfriend and I are exploring our options as far as living together goes. He owns an apartment which is pretty tiny. Luckily, our Swedish friends have solutions to most of our issues!  We do struggle with the couch. We would only have a width of about 220 […]

kivik sofa and chaise


August 14, 2019

The bathroom “everything” rack including a litter box

One bathroom rack to catch all, including the litter box. Our bathroom cabinet storage is very limited, and I wanted a large piece that could hold everything. From the usual toiletry stuff to extra toilet paper, towels, plants, and even the kitty litter box for our cat, since the bathroom was the only place it […]

bathroom litter box


August 13, 2019

A clever solution for an awkward nook

PAX wardrobe built into the wall for guest room and craft supplies storage We had an incredibly small and awkward nook area with an angled wall in our basement guest room/ office. That made it almost impossible to put in a bed and proper desk. Plus it had no closet or good space for shelves. […]

pax wardrobe built into wall


August 12, 2019

How to: Easy, Precision Stacking of BESTÅ Cabinets

Stacking BESTÅ cabinets, an alternative sturdier method. I wanted to stack 4 BESTÅ cabinets on top of each other and attach them together to make them very stable. But I didn’t like the attachment kit that came with the cabinets. They were 2 brackets for hooking them together at the back and a strip of […]

stacking BESTÅ cabinets - how to


August 9, 2019

Keep table runners in place on ÄPPLARÖ outdoor table

No more flyaway table runners! I bought this ÄPPLARÖ table so that all family could sit together on the deck.  The table seats 10.  ÄPPLARÖ drop leaf outdoor table | IKEA.com The first time I used the ÄPPLARÖ table, I laid out four table runners I made using a serger to finish off the fabric […]

Applaro outdoor dining table


August 8, 2019

Hackers Help: Help me makeover my tiny home

240 sq ft + 2 Humans + 1 canine + 2 felines + 1 psittacine = No space to live! Hey guys, I hope to get some how-to steps and makeover ideas for my tiny home. The goal is to make my 240 sq. ft home cosy for 2 humans and my 4 furry friends. […]

tiny home makeover

August 7, 2019

Large rabbit hutch: A simple DIY project for your bunny

WARNING: Readers have commented that this set-up is UNSUITABLE for rabbits, due to its size and material. For rabbit habitat requirements, please check out the following link for indoor rabbit housing requirements. I made a 3-level indoor large rabbit hutch using a KALLAX storage unit from IKEA.  Materials:  KALLAX Shelving unit, white stained oak effect, 112×147 cm […]


August 6, 2019

How to add PAX sliding doors on your own woodwork

This project started when I wanted to replace a coat rack and garden seat with a closet. I decided to build my own wood frame but use the IKEA PAX sliding doors over it. This PAX sliding doors series includes: Making the door finger brackets reversible Hacking the soft closing device for lighting The Project: […]

pax sliding doors hack


August 5, 2019

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