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IKEAhackers facebook page restored. Safe to follow.

Update: 26 Nov 2019. Hey guys, here’s an update on my earlier post regarding my hacked Facebook page. I managed to regain control of the IKEAhackers Facebook Page and IH Community Group. Finally, my report on this page got some traction and within 24 hours of the report, Facebook restored my admin privileges and booted […]

hacked facebook page restored

November 18, 2019

DIY Faux Fireplace from IKEA kitchen cabinets

Love having a fireplace but the house doesn’t come with one? Well, you can always make a DIY faux fireplace. Here’s how I built it out of IKEA METOD kitchen cabinets. (If you’re in the US, you can use the SEKTION cabinets.) IKEA items used: METOD wall cabinet frame x 2 (40 x 37 x […]

diy faux fireplace


December 13, 2019

KOARP armchair upgraded in a very, very good way

Scripto took the KOARP armchair with a metal frame and give it a warm, mid-century modern style. The end result looks like a designer armchair at a fraction of the price. KOARP armchair in Gunnared beige, black ($169) First thing he did was remove the powder coated steel frame from the seat. The plan was […]


December 12, 2019

Group brainstorm: A taller BRIMNES headboard?

Love the BRIMNES headboard with storage but can it be taller? A question came up in our Facebook Group. Sheila asked, “Has anyone hacked the BRIMNES headboard? I like the style and storage but it’s too short. I want it taller. I know it’s wall mounted so I can put it higher. But I’m thinking […]

BRIMNES headboard taller


December 11, 2019

20 best IKEA hacks on Instagram 2019

It’s been a while since I last did a round up of my favourite IKEA hacks on Instagram. And since then, the number of IKEA hacks on IG has grown leaps and bounds. When I did a search, I found over 280,000 posts on #ikeahacks! So, before the year ends, let’s dive in and check […]

ikea instagram hacks


December 10, 2019

Old wardrobe gets second life as a retro arcade machine

IKEA TRYSIL wardrobe saved from landfill and converted into a retro arcade games machine. We were dismantling our son’s TRYSIL Wardrobe to remove it from his room. It had been good wardrobe but the backing had started to continuously fall away. It had some slight damage during dismantling and would have become landfill apart from […]

retro arcade machine


December 9, 2019

6 IKEA DUKTIG hacks that are NOT play kitchens

The IKEA DUKTIG. Undoubtedly the king of play kitchens. Chances are, if you’ve bought the toy kitchen, you would have searched Pinterest for hack ideas and found thousands of IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen pins. DUKTIG play kitchen | IKEA.com But what if the kiddo gets bored of cooking? Luckily, the DUKTIG is quite the blank […]

ikea duktig play kitchen ideas


December 6, 2019

A beautiful design idea for the IVAR cabinet with doors

A wall of IVAR cabinets with doors engraved is astonishingly captivating. Because IVAR is real solid wood (unlike a lot of flat-pack cupboards), it makes a great blank canvas for CNC machining work and engraving. IKEA items used: IKEA IVAR cabinets in 30mm (12″) and 50mm (20″) depths. IVAR cabinet | IKEA.com Other materials and […]



December 5, 2019

Q: What’s the best shelving for this small storage closet?

Need ideas for storage in this small closet. Emma asked in our Facebook Group: “Has anyone got any ideas of what I could use for storage in this cupboard?” “It’s 50cm deep (19 inches), 103cm wide (40 inches) x 169cm tall (66 inches).” “I’d mainly like to use it for toys and maybe some clothing […]

small storage closet


December 4, 2019

The secret to happiness. Did the IKEA happiness hunters find the answer?

IKEA happiness hunters spent two weeks in Denmark looking for the hygge that seems so elusive to the rest of the world. Danes seem to know, considering their consistent spot in the top 5 of the world’s happiest nations. IKEA Denmark wanted to uncover where the Danes’ happiness originates from, and whether it is related […]

ikea happiness hunter


December 3, 2019

IKEA sofa with genius armrest storage

Bet you never knew your sofa armrests were prime storage space. Ok, so the guys at IKEA are the masters of hidden / secret storage everywhere. In fact, one of the things I most loved about the ESKILSTUNA sofa series was the undercover storage on the chaise lounge, but… what? More than 80 liters of storage […]

sofa storage armrest


December 2, 2019

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