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IKEA FALSTER garden set gets a facelift

As you can see in the before picture, the faded brown was not looking good. I was debating on what to do as the IKEA FALSTER garden set is still in good shape on its own. I thought of painting it to see how it will look and I love the final look. IKEA items […]

ikea falster garden set


August 3, 2021

12 artists hack IKEA bargain items and we’re stoked!

The As-Is or Bargain Corner is, hands down, our favourite spot in all of IKEA. In there, we find treasures like ex-showroom furniture, items without packaging, items that are out of the range or products with scratches or minor damage. Best thing, all at reduced prices. Perfect for hacking. In fact, we have a page […]

circular hub hack

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August 2, 2021

6 money saving ideas to upcycle your old IKEA crib

Kids outgrown the IKEA crib? Reinvent it into another useful piece of furniture. The SNIGLAR or GULLIVER is awesome in the laundry room, even in the kitchen and study. IKEA SNIGLAR and GULLIVER crib | 3 ways to use IKEA SNIGLAR crib for laundry Michal shares 3 wonderful ideas for an old unused IKEA […]

ikea crib upcycle ideas

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July 30, 2021

Out of stock. 3 alternatives for IVAR bamboo door.

On this week’s Hackers Help, we brainstorm 3 alternative doors for the IVAR shelving unit. I’m repurposing my IVAR shelving unit for nursery storage and I’ve bought a hanging rail from the system to make a ‘wardrobe’ for my daughter’s clothes. The plan was to add these doors to help stop the sun fading the clothes, […]

ikea ivar bamboo doors alternatives


July 29, 2021

IKEA RABBLA box now more useful with these 8 accessories

I wanted to create a series of accessories to expand the functionality of the IKEA RABBLA box with compartments. The only tool you need is a 3D printer to offer your personal touch to your box. After the description you can find the link to get the printable STL. If you don’t have a 3D […]

ikea rabbla box compartment


July 27, 2021

Build your own Double Dog Crate with WFH Desk

After I adopted my two little doggies, I was looking for a place for them to sleep in my room where they were secure.  Conventional crates were ugly and bulky.  And then Covid hit, and I needed a desk where I could zoom with my students, so the limited floor space in my room needed to do […]

double dog crates desk

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July 23, 2021

IKEA hacked its new battery charger into a book

When it comes to the aesthetic of the home, battery chargers are low on the list of priorities. But trust IKEA to not let ugly electronics ruin our home decor. Joining the list of upgrades is the IKEA TJUGO battery charger. The TJUGO has eight slots that let you charge AA or AAA batteries. It […]

ikea tjugo battery charger

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July 22, 2021

This See Through Room Divider provides subtle separation

See Through Room Divider that doesn’t block the view. In our 1960s house, the Dining Area and Lounge are one open space that seemed to beg for some separation. I wanted to keep the Lounge’s cozy feeling for reading or watching TV, but not hide the Dining Room from view. I searched for room screens […]

risor room divider


July 20, 2021

How to make a corner unit from regular BILLY bookcases

In the gangway to the bedrooms in his home, Marc needed extra place for the books to read in the bedroom. The most suitable space was a corner just outside the rooms. However, the corner BILLY unit sold in IKEA would have taken up too much space. So, he took two regular BILLY bookcases and converted […]


July 19, 2021

12 unexpected ways to use IKEA HYLLIS in your home

The HYLLIS — one of the most practical and affordable ranges in IKEA. In a nutshell, it’s sturdy, lightweight and approved for use in wet areas. It’s no wonder we find IKEA HYLLIS units everywhere. From bedrooms to kitchens to the garden. HYLLIS shelving unit with covers | With a bit of hacking, it […]

ikea hyllis hacks


July 16, 2021

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