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Make a Garden Obelisk in 3 easy steps

We have a plant — Hoya Carnosa Vine Wax Flower. It was standing in the bow window on first floor. It was a well shaded and very solid window area. But … When this plant is in bloom, it emits a very strong scent at night. I mean, the smell is really strong. Florists surely […]


June 14, 2019

$5 thrifted dining table takes on the elliptical shape

I picked up an INGO dining table at a church sale for $5. So, I thought I’d have a shot at turning it into a coffee table for our small living room. We’d decided on an oval shape (elliptical to be precise) as we kept banging our shins on the square corners of our existing […]

elliptical coffee table ikea ingo hack


June 13, 2019

Hackers Help: How to shorten ELVARLI posts?

I want to install the ELVARLI wardrobe system in my daughter’s bedroom. But as it has three dormer windows and the ceiling height is lower than the 222cm (87 1/4″) ELVARLI post height, at its shortest level. I’m wondering whether I can shorten the ELVARLI posts in any way? And maybe fit it with a […]


June 12, 2019

Your chance to win the happiest job at IKEA is here

They say money can’t buy happiness, but perhaps an expense paid trip to Denmark may get you some hygge. IKEA Denmark is inviting applicants in a global search for a “Happiness Hunter”. The winner will live in the land of Hygge for 2 weeks and help IKEA discover all the real reasons why the Danes […]

IKEA hygge happiness

June 11, 2019

Frame a fresh inspirational quote of the day, every day

I was listening to Dale Carnegie‘s “How to stop worrying and start living” and thought I needed to be reminded once in a while of his good advice. But I did not want the wall to have a bunch of framed quotations. So I made this daily inspirational quotes frame, and placed it near my […]

daily inspirational quotes frame


June 10, 2019

13 Years of IKEA Hacking … where do we go from here?

Today, I poured myself a glass for ginger wine, swirled it and raised a toast. Besides chugging down alcohol, I lifted my hands and said thank you to Jesus that we’re still around. If you’ve followed this site for some time, you would have known about the close call we had back in 2014. I’m glad […]

Ikea hacking 13 years

June 7, 2019

Natural wood coffee table hacked from 2 benches

After a lot of searching we did not find any matching natural wood coffee table so I hacked two 120cm SKOGSTA benches into one coffee table.

skogsta natural wood coffee table


June 6, 2019

Hackers Help: Cover up back of PAX doors?

I want to use PAX sliding doors to turn a studio into a 1-bed. I don’t want to have to look at all the fixings of the back of the PAX door in my bedroom. But I don’t want to cause problems for the sliding mechanism with too much extra weight. Related: Turn your studio […]

studio apartment divided into 1 bedroom


June 5, 2019

Stranger Things, Friends and The Simpsons living rooms, now available at IKEA

I admit it. I can’t seem to get enough of Stranger Things. (Rewatching Season 1, as we speak.) And when this bit of news popped up on my feed, it was an alignment of my favourite things. In the form of a new ad campaign from IKEA in the United Arab Emirates. The campaign recreated […]

stranger things living room ikea

June 4, 2019

Easy peasy colorful children’s stool

I love DIY projects and IKEA hacks ! Recently I went to IKEA, and let’s be honest, I went quite mental. I can almost remember my hubby sighing with despair when he wondered: “Do we need all those stuff?” “Yes of course, love. We DO. Load the car now.” That’s the thing with IKEA, everything is awesome and […]

DIY Flisat childrens stool rainbow kids stool

June 3, 2019

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