4 ways to update the DRÖNA storage box to fit the room

The DRÖNA fabric storage box at $3.99 is the cheapest bin made to fit the KALLAX or EXPEDIT. IKEA says the box adds a sense of softness to your storage – whether it’s in the walk-in closet or in the living room.

Over the years IKEA has added more patterns and colours to the range.

DRÖNA storage boxes | Buy on IKEA.com

But there are times, the ready designs still doesn’t fit your home decor or tastes. When that happens, here’s what you can do.

#1 Stencil it

I had the stencils and stencil brush already and some sample pots left from another project. As the boxes cost something like €3 each, it was worth having a go. They also have two sides with the band, so if one side isn’t good — you can always turn it around!

IKEA items used:
Other materials and tools:
  • Any type of acrylic paint (I used sample paint pots left from another project)
  • Stencil
  • Stencil brush

Use painters tape to mark out the top band of the DRÖNA box and paint a solid colour; let it dry.

Then attach the stencil to the lower section of the box with painters tape and use your stencil brush to dab on paint. 

DRÖNA storage box stenciled

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Top tip: When stenciling, remove the excess paint from the brush onto a paper towel so you don’t get smudges under your stencil.

Test out your stencil technique on some scrap paper or cardboard before you start.

~ by Eleanor

#2 Adding handles
DRÖNA storage box handles

Punch 2 holes in the top edge of the DRÖNA Box, an inch down from the top. Set and eyelet into each hole. Thread a piece of cord ribbon through the holes and knot each end tightly. Perfect handle for little hands. Read more.

Besides cord, consider other interesting material like leather strips, wooden beads, felt and cotton rope.

#3 Paint it
geometric bin

Interesting but affordable storage bins are not all that easy to come by. So, they resorted to IKEA and decided to get clever with the DRÖNA storage boxes. All they needed were painter’s tape and paint. Read more.

#3 Wrap with fabric
DRÖNA storage box with alternative front

Thought the DRÖNA wasn’t bad looking but it just needed a little something. The first thought was to attach fabric with spray adhesive or something but and easier idea came up and voilà! Read more.