Q: 4 instead of 2 tiered corner cabinet carousel?

Is it possible to ask a question about the UTRUSTA corner base cabinet carousel?

UTRUSTA carousel | IKEA.com

I was wondering if anyone has bought two of these, but combined into one unit, so with 4 swivel shelves instead of 2?

Or any other good corner hacks?

Thank you!



Hi Karah

That’s an interesting idea … but I’ve not seen it done.

Looking at the assembly manual, it looks possible to insert another swivel shelf into the rod. Personally, I think 4 shelves will be too tight for the height of the cabinet.

Anyone tried this? Do show us how it’s done.

Maximising the corner cabinet without a carousel

While the corner carousel does help you see and reach everything in the corner, IMHO, it does waste a fair amount of space.

Shawna did away with the spinning thing entirely. Instead she used drawer slides and extra shelves to create a shelf and a pull out sections in the cabinet.

It works and is very economical too, compared to the price of the carousel. See her hack here.

kitchen corner cabinet without carousel

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For the deep corner, a lazy susan like SNUDDA may be helpful. See it here.

Hope it works.

Happy hacking,


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