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The best DIY dog raincoat. With reflectors and only $4.50!

My sister and I found an easy way to make a dog raincoat from an IKEA shopping bag. It only takes around two hours of work and costs 4 Euro in total.

IKEA items used:
  • KNALLA shopping bag

Dog raincoat

Other materials and tools:

Instructions for our DIY dog raincoat

1. Take the measurements of your dog (back length, neck & belly girth).

2. Cut the bag along the seams into two halves.

Dog raincoat

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3. Cut the handle of one bag and attach an elastic band with a length suited to the dog’s neck size.

Dog raincoat

4. From the second half cut out a rectangular piece as a closure around the belly.

Dog raincoat

5. Sew one of the small ends of this rectangular piece on one side of the bag.

Dog raincoat

6. Sew a Velcro strap on the other end of the rectangular piece.

7. Attach the reflective stripe to the outside of the bag wherever you want.

Dog raincoat

Dog raincoat

For the sewing jobs, you can either use a sewing machine or do it by hand.

How the dog raincoat looks at night

Dog raincoat

See our video on how we made our dog raincoat as well as our dog happily wearing it.

~ by Ilona and Ola

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dog raincoat

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