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IKEA items used: FJELLSE Twin Bed

fjellse-bed-frame__0107489_PE257171_S4 plywood

FJELLSE bed upgrade with pink and purple headboards

This hack is relatively simple and can be done in less than four hours mainly due to paint drying time.

Items and tools you will need

screw driver, four 1” screws, small can of paint, 1 paint brush, measuring tape and a jig saw or hand saw to cut plywood.

FJELLSE bed upgrade with pink and purple headboards


1. Assemble bed.
2. Obtain a piece of plywood, 1/2” will do, and cut out rectangular piece 40.5” x 23” (Slightly smaller than bed head to hide rough edges), lay flat and paint to a color of your liking, (I have two daughters and they liked pink and purple) Choice made for me. Then allow time for paint to dry.
3. Center align plywood at back of head of bed and secure at four corners with four screws.
4. Make up bed as instructed by your child.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each bed
6. Enjoy their delighted smiles and “Thank you!”

fjellse bed with purple headboard

fjellse bed with pink headboard

~ by Cort, S.