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The Closeted Bedroom

Partition a bedroom using PAX wardrobes

I partitioned a bedroom for my daughter with PAX wardrobe system.

IKEA Product List:

Partitioning Room –

  • PAX wardrobe Frame
    • 100 x 35 x 236 Frame – 2 sets
    • 75 x 35 x 236 Frame – 1 set
    • 73 x 73 x 236 Corner Frame – 1 set
  • Ballstad Closet Door
    • 50 x 229 White Door – 5 pieces
  • Hasvik Entrance Door
    • 200 x 236 White Sliding Door – 1 set
  • Komplement Organizer
  • Shelf and Drawers

Inside Furniture & decor list –

  • Brimnes – Single Bed
  • Ung Drill – Mirror
  • Krusning & Hemma – Pendant Lights
  • Josef – Storage Cabinet
  • Bosnas – Footstool

Other components:

  • 1″ x 2″ x 8′ Lumber x 10
  • 2″ x 4″ x 8′ Lumber x 5
  • 5 mm MDF board
  • MDF Skirting
  • Wall Paper

What/How I did:

The room size is 2.4 x 2.48 square meter. All the wardrobes are facing inside the room. One of the wardrobe is transformed as vanity with mirror, shelf and drawer.


The space

The space - before

I covered up the back side by lumber grid and MDF board as cladding outside then applied wall paper wall finishing. The bedroom entrance door is modified by Hasvik sliding door and mounted on the back side of the closet.


Partition a bedroom using IKEA Pax wardrobes

Bed and other decor are added to the room. Finally, I covered up the closet doors with fabric and stapled on the back.

Decor inside the partitioned bedroom Decor inside the partitioned bedroom Pax wardrobe This wardrobe hides a vanity

This room is about the right size and have enough storage for grown up girl. It is easy to build. I did it by my own and spent around 20 hours in total.

~ by Roger Poon