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Kids Loft KURA bed with NORDLI stairs

IKEA items used: 2 Kura beds + 2 Nordli units

The Nordli units used as storage inside the stairs.
The upper Kura is assembled now for my elder son. The mattress base is assembled on the lowest line of the upper bed (by design it should be on the second line).
The lower Kura is used as loft meanwhile, but can be converted to be the second bed for my younger son.


  • Kura bed x2
  • Steel S hooks 5cm x4
  • Nordli drawers unit (without top and bottom plates) x2
  • Pine wood plates 2cm thickness:
    • 124×40 x2
    • 97×40 x1
    • 70×40 x1
    • 43×40 x1
    • 22.5×40 x4


1. Cut Nordli side plates into half horizontally. Assemble the boxes and drawers.

Cut NORDLI into half

Paint all parts

Assemble the drawers

2. Paint the assembled boxes and the wood plates.
3. Assemble the stairs, fix the painting, insert and adjust the drawers.

Construct the NORDLI stairs

Construct the NORDLI stairs

4. Paint all Kura bed parts.
5. Assemble the lower bed with ladders on both sides (mix parts from the 2 Kura beds).

Assemble the KURA beds

Assemble the KURA beds

6. Assemble the upper bed using the remaining Kura parts. No openings on the long sides, but one short side is open completely.
7. Fasten the beds to each other with the S hooks.
8. Put all together, fix paint, decor, add some light to the loft.

Kids Loft KURA bed with NORDLI stairs

~ by Ilia Lin