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Space saving corner DJ/Music production unit

IKEA items used:

  • Kallax x 2
  • 6 x Legs
  • 1 x Corner shelf
  • 2 x Table tops
  • 1 x Shelf
  • 1 x Hook

The Kallax unit has been utilised a number of times in hacks for storing of 12” records so lends itself well, I built my stand upon this knowledge. I have a reasonable amount of equipment however I was keen not to allow the unit to overpower the room as this was to be built in my study which already had an IKEA hack to form a large office desk and storage. I was also very keen not to end up with just a big square (ugly(?)) box and wanted to maintain a “lightness” of the finished design. My build consisted of the following steps;

  • 2 x Kallax units built in the normal fashion following the direction supplied
  • 2 x table tops (size 600mm x 1200mm) were to fixed to the top of the Kallax units using 4 x legs on each – this gave a more open finish yet created a perfect height for the Amplifier and CD recorder to be neatly stored

Note I did consider using smaller table tops however I think this would have made the unit look too cumbersome, would have reduced work top area and the speakers would have looked out of place at the finish

  • 1 x Corner shelf (size ZxZ) was cut down to 600mm so that it neatly fit between the table tops and complete the operating surface – this was fixed into place with 4 x right angle brackets
  • 1 x Shelf (size 350mm x 550mm) and a further 4 x legs were used to create a raised portion of workspace for the laptop to rest
  • 1 x Hook was purchased for hanging the headphone onto, however did not look right therefore I have never fixed it in place and instead store the headphones next to the CD recorder

Space saving corner DJ/Music production unit

Space saving corner DJ/Music production unit

~ by Richard Kirby