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Adding lighting to BESTÅ with no visible wires

I wanted to add some IKEA OMLOPP lights to my already wall mounted BESTÅ units, without having to removed them from the wall. Removal would need 10 units emptying and removing in total, so I didn’t like that option.

I also wanted to hide all the cables.

1. Here’s the units, the lights are to go below the bottom rail.


2. So … remove the bottom side of unit, leaving the rest hanging on the wall



3. Measure the center point for the lights.


4. Drill recess for the light – using a suitable size forstner drill bit.

image5 image6

5. Next drill through from the back of the piece to the light mounting point.



6. Extend the hole upward so the wire will go behind the rear panel of the unit.


7. Cut out a notch to allow the wire to span from this unit, to the next. These notches progress along from unit to unit allowing all the cables to travel behind the back panel.


8. Run the wire along the back of the panel, behind where the back panel fits.


9.Refit the bottom piece, with light fitted, and repeat for each unit.


Finished units with 5 lights fitted.