BESTÅ TV Unit with Oak wrap around

BESTA TV unit with oak wrap around

Ikea Items Used:

2x 120cm BESTÅ Frames
1x 60cm BESTÅ Frame
Assorted BESTÅ Drawers, Shelves, Doors etc.

Ideas was taken from these existing hacks: BESTÅ TV stand with seating option and I gave it my BESTÅ shot TV console.

Non-ikea items:

Joined Oak panels, custom length legs (B&Q)

BESTÅ TV unit with oak wrap around

The hack:

The process was quite straightforward, cutting the wood to length correctly to make 250cm long TV unit with 2x 120cm BESTÅ Frames together, and a single unit that could be easily repositioned around the room.

The wood was laid flat, and the BESTÅ Unit tops glued and screwed to the wood. The side pieces needed securing well because they would take the weight of the unit. Adjustable legs were added at the centre-rear to take some extra weight in the middle of the longer uint.

The only tricky part was making it upside down and making sure all pieces could be taken apart. It would otherwise be too heavy to manoeuvre into the house.

BESTÅ TV unit with oak wrap around

BESTÅ TV unit with oak wrap around

~ Alex Redfern