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IKEA items used: Two HEMNES glass door cabinets with drawers, Four HEMNES narrow (19 1/4”) bookcases, One HEMNES wide (35 3/8”) bookcase

While giving my home office a makeover, I realized we badly needed some built-in storage. We had a long alcove in the wall that was the perfect size for built-ins, but unfortunately we couldn’t afford to pay someone to build something custom for us. We figured we could build some shelves from scratch ourselves, but I really wanted drawers along the bottom of the bookcases. However, building drawers from scratch made the project more than we wanted to take on. I considered using base kitchen cabinets with drawers instead, but the alcove wasn’t deep enough for those.

So after thinking it over a little bit, I realized Ikea HEMNES bookcases and cabinets were the perfect solution to our problem! We purchased seven HEMNES bookcases/cabinets and (at times literally) hacked them into a custom wood built-in storage piece that measures 135 inches long by 9 feet tall!

HEMNES Custom Built-in Storage Unit

HEMNES Custom Built-in Storage Unit

You can see the full tutorial here.

~ Stephanie at Studio 36 Interiors