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Applaro free-standing bench and trellis hack

Materials: 2 Applaro benches and wall panels

I wanted to add a privacy screen to my patio and I like the Applaro line. However, I realized the Applaro wall panels are meant to be attached to a wall instead of a freestanding unit. Some very nice folks at the local hardware store helped me with a solution. For each unit, I bought a 4 foot long aluminum u-shaped channel which fit the sides of the Applaro panel perfectly. The hardware store cut the channels in half so that I used a 2-foot piece on each side of the Applaro to keep it together and sturdy. Using a standard power drill, I drilled 4 holes into the sides of the aluminum channel and then right into the sides of the Applaro panel. I used a wider drill bit to rout out a niche for the head of the screw so it would be flush with the aluminum channel. Then I attached the panels to the back of the Applaro bench using 4 screws on each side. I drilled these from the inside of the bench so they would not be visible.


~ Emily K