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DIY Keyboard stand

Keyboard stand

My son had been given a keyboard several years ago but it wasn’t used very often because we didn’t have a good spot to keep it. Most keyboard stands were either flimsy or expensive or ugly or all three. I found the legs and a piece of chipped “as-is” shelving with a little bit of scrap lumber glued to the shelf to give the screw threads some more material to bite in to, to make something that looks nice and coordinates with some vintage chairs that I have.




It doesn’t take up much space and creates a very nice inverted step terrace. A stand would’ve cost me at least $40 and I put this together for about US$15. The legs of the table are adjustable which is nice because of my floors being from the 1880s they are not very level. I might modify the table to be able to hide the cord through the rear leg or something like that so I don’t have to see the cord.

~ Ian Adams