IKEA chip clips to the rescue

IKEA chip clips

Materials: Bevara Kitchen Storage Sealing Chip Clips

With two toddlers, mealtime can be extremely messy. They’re too old for bibs, but they need something to protect their clothes when eating soup, yogurt, etc. Enter the IKEA chip clips. Grab a tea towel (the IKEA ones actually do work best – perfect size and thickness), a large clip, and voila – you’ve got a neck-all-the-way-down-to-the-ankles protector. Grab a smaller clip and keep long pigtails from falling into the food – they are so great for this as even very fine hair doesn’t get stuck in the clips since there’s no hinge!

I could go on and on – we use these clips for everything (my son loves using them as chopsticks), but these two in particular are so useful every day.