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Standing Desk Keyboard Riser Shelf

Keyboard Riser Shelf

Materials: 12″x32″ black-brown shelf (Hemnes?), Capita 8-1/4″ leg

As simple as can be! I needed a keyboard riser to convert my desk to a standing desk. So, I grabbed a 4 pack of Capita 8-1/4″ legs for $16 and a nice black-brown shelf from the Handyman area for $3 and put them together. Perfect height! The shelf is probably from the Hemnes bookcase if I had to guess.

I had to pre-drill the screw holes into the shelf. Also, the Capita screws are long enough to go all the way through the 1/2″ Hemnes(?) shelf, so I used washers and/or shorter screws to prevent that.

Keyboard Riser Shelf