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End Result close-up

I recently bought the Keurig coffee maker, I love to display the K-Cups variety that I have, but because of the lack of counter space, I have to hack my own K-Cup holder. And the Ikea Ribba frame seems to fit the “depth” of a K-Cup.

components Cut out frame Back of hanger End Result

So here is what I did:

1.Dissembled the Ribba Frame
2. Use the Glass to measure the “square” on a thick carton paper.
3. Cut holes as many as you want as long as it fit in the square and leaving enough room between the holes for support – I manage to do 16 holes, and of course you can cut less and make it an interesting pattern.
4. The other component that you will need from the Ribba frame is only the wooden square that holds the carton paper in place. All other component, you can use it somewhere else or throw it away. (The frame doesn’t have a closed back. Because it will be too thick to fit a k-cup otherwise)
5. Attach/fasten a hook on the Ribba Frame.
6. Fasten everything and you are done, now hang on the wall and enjoy.

Get Keurig coffee maker here
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