Shabby Chic RAST Vanity Hack

Materials: RAST Dresser, Chalk Paint, Sandpaper, File, Putty, Drill

Description: I decided I need a vanity unit underneath my sink but it should match the exact corner of my bathroom so it needed to be custom made.

I was inspired by another RAST Dresser Hack for using as a vanity so I decided to give it a go myself.

I’m also a big fan of shabby chic furniture so the Vanity should also meet this style.

I started off by cutting the RAST to the exact measurements of the corner of my bathroom. It needed to be shortened a few centimeters and the back needed a cutout for a pretty large border underneath my sink. Then I cut a pretty wide hole for the pipes.

Then the top drawer needed a cutout at the back to fit around the pipes underneath the sink. I just cut out a bit of the backside and the bottom to fit around it.

The middle drawer could be left as it is but the bottom drawer needed to be shortened to half its length so I shortened the sidepieces to half their length and drilled new holes to include the screws for the drawers not to fall out.

After that I began to paint the whole RAST in a mint green-blue chalk paint. After the first layer of paint, the edges and parts of the sides and the drawers were distressed with sandpaper and a file to give the dresser a used look. Then another layer of paint was applied. After that the distressed parts were painted with a white chalk paint and a black-brown chalk paint which were wiped off right after painting to just apply a hint of the color to the wood. Then a final layer of mint was applied to finish the job.

The pulls were exchanged with some old ceramic pull knobs but unfortunately I only had 4 left so I decided to close the original 6 holes with some putty and drilled new holes in the center of each drawer to hold one ceramic pull knob.

The RAST Dresser now fits my space perfectly and looks just like some very old and much more expensive piece of furniture.

~ Tobias, Witten, Germany