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How-to: Make a replacement Samtid lamp shade
How-to: Make a replacement Samtid lamp shade

The Samtid floor lamp is a beautiful design, and will last for many years. Sadly, the skimpy plastic shade that comes with it disintegrates after two short years, and Ikea does not sell replacements. It doesn’t matter if sunlight hits the shade, it doesn’t matter if you used a low-heat compact fluorescent. They just fall apart. DO NOT throw that base away. Here is a template to make your own replacement Samtid lamp shade.

Instructions for a replacement Samtid lamp shade:


Print out the pdf on regular old letter sized paper. Your printer may cut off the edges of the images; don’t worry, just print out at 100% size.

Tape the pages together according to the indications.

Tape onto your Bristol board, card stock, or sheet plastic.

Cut out on lines, “weave” tabs together, and attach to your base.

The template includes the original shade, and also a slightly taller and (I think) much more graceful shape.

Years of extended life for a great but flawed Ikea product!How-to: Make a replacement Samtid lamp shade

Download the pdf here.

~ Matthew Bird, Providence, RI