Billy, the bedside table and shoes keeper

bedside table and shoe closet


When we moved into our new apartment, we needed some place to keep our shoes in our bedroom, and also bedside tables that matched our MALM low bed. But it is always so much trickier with sloping walls…

After some complex trigonometry operations :P, I found out that the BILLY wall shelves were the right height for our bed when placed against the sloping walls. So, I did the following:

bedside table and shoe closet

bedside table and shoe closet

bedside table and shoe closet

bedside table and shoe closet

1. Went to IKEA. Bought 2 BILLY wall shelves to put on each side of the bed. Also bought 5 BILLY OLSBO glass doors.

2. In order to hide the contents of the shelves and to match the glazed doors of my PAX, I cut and put auto-adhesive semi opaque foil on each door.

3. I assembled one of the shelves following the instructions, but due to the irregular shape of the room, I had to reduce the other shelf to 2 cubbies because it did not fit on one of the sides. I cut it using a saw and attached the side of the shelf using regular screws.

4. Cut four slats to the shelves size, two for each shelf, and glued them to the bottom to prevent the doors from touching the floor when opened.

5. Attached the doors to the shelves following the instructions and… voila! 🙂

~ Carla, Germany

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