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Materials: IKEA Bestå, chipboard, JBL 15″, basport & Zachry amp

Description: This hack is in the “€noticed but not seen” approach!

I was disappointed of the Sony sub I had and also wanted a very clean installation in my living-room. So an idea grew in my mind and after some calculation I found a great JBL speaker that was able to handle both small boxes and high power, so together with my 400W Zachry that not was used for another project they fitted very well in to the volume of a Bestå shelf.

The Bestå was already in the living room so it was dismantled and some chipboard replaced some of the parts and some was also added in order to stiffen the box. Some attenuation material was added in the box as well.

The loudspeaker was then simply fitted together with the amplifier & basport into the upgraded Bestå. The result is definitely not liked by the neighbors, but by me.

See more of the Besta sound system.

~ Fredrik, Malmö, Sweden