LERBERG shelf into Storage-over-toilet unit

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: LERBERG 901.147.52

Description: I had been looking for an economic and aesthetically pleasing over the toilet storage unit.

Unfortunately, most were over $80 and often not didn’t fit my needs. For example, often the spacing between slates of the shelf were too large and small items like medicines could fall through.

Previously, I used the LERBERG as a bookshelf. However, as I was frustrated with my search for over-the-toilet unit, I measured the height of the LERBERG (minus the bottom two shelves) and the width. Surprisingly, it fit the dimensions of my toilet and the limited space in my bathroom.

– 1 LERBERG 901.147.52 Shelf unit, dark gray
– 1 hex key

1. Assemble the LERBERG as usual with all 4 shelves
2. Take out the bottom two shelves
3. Place the bolts/screws in the holes that used to hold the 3rd shelf, otherwise
it may be a little ‘wobbly’

*Note: this hack is entirely dependent on the width of your toilet, measure the width and height first then compare with product dimensions/ information on IKEA product site.

Simple and easy, for around $15.

~ Charlie