Hanging Pot Rack Hack

Article # 902.023.72 Buckla Handle (585mm) / 2 pack $19.99
Article # 301.110.87 Lamplig Trivet $12.00
some 1-1/2″ x ¾” strips of fir lumber 2 @ 11″ and 2 @ 23″
Assorted screws, glue, varnish, etc.
Saw, drill, screwdriver hammer, chisel

Description: I thought Ikea would have hanging pot racks (for the ceiling), but they didn’t. So since I was already in Ikea, I thought I could buy enough components there to make some… Turns out I could. I’m pretty happy about these… My first Ikea hack.

The Buckla handles come with a template for hole spacing, but you’ll have to figure out where to drill the holes for the trivet, since there are small variations from trivet to trivet. I placed the trivet on the wood and gave each rod a slight tap, leaving a dimple on the wood, where the holes needed to be. That worked really well for me.

Cast iron pots and pans weigh an awful lot, so when you are assembling this, it is probably a good idea to make sure everything is well fitted and glued and screwed. Don’t need them falling apart!

~ Mark Reynolds, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada