Dra ut hyllan

Materials: Billy shelf (white), 1/2″ white particleboard

Description: A few years ago, I bought my first condo, which had a loft floorplan. Most of the room was one big ground floor, with a small lofted bedroom and even smaller study area/second bedroom. As such, I promised myself that every piece of furniture in the living room would either (1) serve at least two purposes to reduce furniture clutter, or (2) act as storage.

Thus I decided to transform my little Billy shelf into a new IKEA family member, which one of my coworkers dubbed “Dra ut hyllan” (apparently it means “pull out shelf). I call it a craft armoire, because it holds my sewing machine and my crafts.

Details and instructions for the Billy hidden craft armoire are here.

~ Wei-Ling Lorelai Wu, California