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Minimalist Faktum/Akurum media furniture

Minimalist Faktum/Akurum media furniture

Materials: Faktum/Akurum kitchen cabinets, 16mm MDF, 8 8mm bolts and nuts and the Kreg joinery system.

I wanted a minimalistic media unit with enough room for big receivers and amplifiers, but the ones I could find were either too small or too expensive for me so I decided to build my own using Ikea kitchen cabinets. I went for Faktum/Akurum cabinets and white Applad doors.

Minimalist Faktum/Akurum media furniture
Minimalist Faktum/Akurum media furniture

– The cabinets were assembled according to the instructions and bolted together with 8mm bolts and nuts.
– The base was constructed using 6cm wide “planks” of MDF and joined using pocket-holes. Beware that MDF easily splits if you torque the screws too hard, so be careful and use a low setting on your drill.
– A 16mm MDF-board was cut to size.
– For a professional finish I got the sides, base and top spray-painted at a paint shop using the same color as the Applad fronts.
– Finally the base and top was attached to the three connected cabinets.

The media unit sits approximately 1 cm away from the wall, and with the door open even my PS3 is nice and cool. If one wants to operate home-cinema equipment with the doors closed air-holes can be drilled in the base of the cabinet just in front of de base. With a remote running on RF I can watch movies, play PS3 or listen to music with the doors shut.

~ Jens, Oslo, Norway