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Romantic Fira mini chest makeover

Materials: 2 Fira mini chests, 12 knobs, paint, glue, wallpaper, pencil, ruler, scissors, drill and paintbrush

Description: I started out with two Fira mini chests. One plain and one had a makeover some years ago with blue paint and white plastic knobs. Now I wanted to make them fit together with identical makeovers.

I started with white painting both chests. (not the drawers) and removing the white plastic knobs from the blue chest.

Romantic Fira mini chest makeover
Romantic Fira mini chest makeover
Romantic Fira mini chest makeover
Romantic Fira mini chest makeover

Then I used the ruler and pencil to draw lines across each drawer in a cross, then it was easy to know where to drill the holes.

Holes were made, I had to redo the ones of the blue drawers as well because the screws of the new knobs were a bit bigger.

The knobs are simple wooden knobs also from IKEA. I painted them with gold paint.

Then I layed out the wallpaper (it is vintage) and placed all 12 drawers on it, and circled each drawer with pencil.

I was careful to put matching numbers from 1 to 12 on each wallpaper square and each matching drawer to make the puzzle easier.

Then I used a small brush to put glue on each drawer and pressed the wallpaper on, so I had to wait for it to dry.

Finally I attached the knobs. Be careful when pushing though the wallpaper so it doesn’t rip.

And then I just had to replace the drawers. Quite happy with the result 🙂

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~ Mie (Theresa Marie Sperre), Bergen, Norway