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Modern Hideaway Dressing Table
Modern Hideaway Dressing Table

Materials: Vika Veine, Vika Lage, Sandby, low voltage downlights, mirror, plastic trays, Velcro strips

Description: I really wanted a dressing table for all my girly things…but all the ones in the stores were very old fashioned!

Recently married, all our furniture is pretty new and in a modern chocolate brown, so I wanted something to suit.

Finally, after much Googling…I came up with this design.

– Vika Veine desktop in brown
– Vika Lage legs in chrome
– Sandby seat in white
– Lights from hardware store
– Plastic trays, mirror and Velcro strips from department/discount stores

My husband lovingly put it all together and I absolutely love it!!! The mirror and lights are stuck on using Velcro strips. It sticks perfectly to the felt.

Modern Hideaway Dressing Table
Modern Hideaway Dressing Table
Modern Hideaway Dressing Table

We left the felt pockets (on the right) for my brushes which works really well.

There is a powerboard tucked inside so I can plug in my hairdryer / straightener (hair stuff stored in the Sandby seat).

I love how everything is laid out in front of me…and then can be all hidden away in a flash. The seat perfectly tucks under the table.

The only other thing I would like to do is hide the peeking white cables (from the lights). Still thinking about that one…

Hope you like it! Our first hack 🙂

~ Jess M, Sydney, Australia