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Mid century leather karlstad sofa & ottoman

Materials: Leather Karlstad sofa & ottoman, round full taper furniture legs

Description: Really simple hack. I love the mid century modern style sofas, but I wanted to buy new. There are a few good options out there but they are really expensive!

Mid century leather karlstad sofa & ottoman

To get a similar look to Crate & Barrel ‘Petrie’ leather sofa & ottoman in leather ($4998) I found a guy on etsy who makes mid century legs for the Karlstad series! Goodbye boring block legs, hello to mid century peg legs!

Karlstad leather sofa & ottoman $1148 plus taxes
Uncle Bob’s Workshop legs x 8 $83
including shipping for legs $1231

unclebobsworkshop.com is where to find the furniture legs

~ Jaimie, Seattle, WA