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Dolly Lampshade Cover

Materials: Skimra

I crochet a lampshade cover for the SKIMRA I bought at Ikea many years ago. See how it brightens up a room after putting on a new dress?

1.Measure the Skimra lampshade’s dimension.
2. Make a crochet swatch of 4″ x 4″ with the yarn or fabric strips of your choice. Count the numbers of stitches and rows of the swatch.

Dolly Lampshade Cover

3. Do some maths to get the total numbers of stitches and rows based on the measurement you took on the lampshade.
4. Come with a crochet pattern including reducing stitches so that the crochet cover can follow the lampshade’s shape.
5. Crochet the cover with loop-stitch and single-crochet stitch.
6. Put the cover on.

Dolly Lampshade Cover

See the crochet lamp shade tutorial.

~ Joanne.L