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Blanda Blank face basin

Materials: Blanda Blank serving bowl, Lagan kitchen mixer tap, wooden board, plastic pipe

Description: Walking through my Ikea local store, I saw this beautiful serving bowl, and I thought: “This is a face basin for sure!”. But it was not. So I had to turn it into a face basin.

First of all, I cut a hole (around 25 cm of diameter) into a wooden board.
Biggest problem met was to adapt the bottom of the bowl so that the water would run completely.

Blanda Blank face basin
Blanda Blank face basin

I solved that hitting the bottom of the bowl with a round pointed hammer.
I cut a hole at the bottom of the bowl.
I placed the bowl into the hole in the wooden board, and I connected the pipe (bent like to create a syphon).

Voila! My beautiful face basin for my wooden country house!

~ Manuele Gargamelli, Fossombrone (PU), Italy