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The Ikea Lack grows up to be a Cat Perch

Materials: 1 Square Ikea Lack End Table, Carpet Remnant, Foam, Wooden spindle legs (if desired), hot glue gun, staple gun, brackets for legs (if desired), pliers – just in case!, stain (if desired)

Description: Recently, we got rid of our old living room set, complete with the Ikea entertainment center and tables. But the new living room set up removed a piece of furniture from the front window area. The problem with this is that it’s where Sneezy would sit and look out for hours on end and wait for us to come home from our daily adventures.

Enter Solution – how to turn an Ikea Lack table in to a cat perch.

This is what you’ll need:
1 Ikea Lack table
foam cut larger than size of top of table
carpet remnant
wooden table legs – length based on height of your window
stain of your choice for table legs
brackets to screw legs in to – near the table legs at Lowes
staple gun
hot glue gun with glue

What to do:
Adhere the foam to the top of the table – please note the original table legs are removed. You won’t be using them. We attached it with hot glue and then used the staple gun to adhere it to the sides of the table all around. We had enough foam to round the edges out so it looked nicer.

Next… attach the leg brackets to the bottom of the table top using the screws included. Then lay the table top, foam side down, on your carpet remnant. Pull the carpet up around all sides of the table top to ensure you have enough to cover it all the way and staple it underneath. This was kind of the hard part because we had to determine how to leave the table leg brackets open to screw the legs in to them. We determined it was best to cut the square out of the carpet and attach around the brackets.

Once you are able to get the carpet pulled around the table top and stapled in place, it will look something like this.

While one of you is working on dealing with the table top, the other can work on staining the legs – I used 3 coats to get the desired color to coordinate with our living room wooden furniture.

In the end, you’ll have something that your little fuzzy ones will love! Her other bed fits perfectly under the new perch and she loves it! Doesn’t even look like an Ikea Lack table anymore!

See more of the Lack cat perch.

~ S & A Hessler