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Split Level Jerker Desk

Jerker table, Grundtal lamp

How do you make the best desk in the world better? Buy a second hand one from the internet as a parts desk and add it on to yours. I took the top of a Jerker table and made a split level for my 24″ monitor and bookshelf speakers.

Split Level Jerker Desk

When I need to use my desk, I slide my mouse and keyboard underneath the split level and go about my business. I also picked up a swing arm with no shelf so I went to Ikea’s “as-is” section and found a nice lacquer cabinet door to do the trick. Finally, I wanted better lighting, but didn’t want an arm sticking out from the lamp, so I went with a Grundtal kitchen fluorescent lamp and mounted it underneath the top shelf. I ran all the cables down the sides of the Jerker desk and secured them neatly with zipties along the holes of the table legs.

~ Will