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Herman Miller meets IKEA LACK

Materials: White Ikea LACK table, drawer pulls of choice

Description: Back in 2007, I posted an IKEA flat file here with a salvaged Herman Miller table base. However, I had a second set of metal legs from that buy of the type used with a rectangular top.

Last Fall I trashed the overweight orange top and discovered that a LACK table would fit the spoked supports. Naturally, it became a magnet for clutter without a back or dividers. Seeing a DVD box buried within, I calculated measurements for drawers that would transform the LACK into media storage.

Herman Miller meets IKEA LACK
Herman Miller meets IKEA LACK

Knowing that the the table pieces were only partially solid wood, a center rail support in solid ply would add a lot of strength. The full extension rails would also be heavy duty. After a pair of drawers were assembled, everything was rested inside to gauge the fit. Given the number of balsa shims used with the rails, I won’t be going into the carpentry business. Fortunately, the LACK top sandwiched the new parts without difficulty.

Although the drawer recesses allow standard DVD cases, the 1/2″ ply should have been switched to 1/4″ in the center. Boxed/folded sets are either too wide or too tall, and must be laid flat.

~ Lee, Ohio