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Another Frosta Side table

Frosta side table

Materials: Frosta Stool

Description: We needed something to hold our drinks while on the couch. We live in a small apartment so we didn’t want a coffee table that takes up floor space. But didn’t want to pay $199 for the STOCKHOLM side table.

I saw a few Frosta hacks on this site and I thought I’ll do my own one. Only costs $14.99 (AUD)

Frosta Stool
Cordless Drill
Drill bits

(No extra materials required. Just the frosta including screws)


Frosta side table

Frosta side table

Frosta side table

1. Assemble only 1 leg of the Frosta
2. Position the bottom 3 legs as shown. Make sure the long end touches the floor so that it doesn’t topple.
3. Drill two holes in the sides (I counter-sinked my holes so screw doesn’t stick out) of the bottom three legs and fasten screws in holes (at this point, make sure you make the stand lean back a bit. Because the weight of the top will lean it forward)
4. Now you should have two bits, the top and the legs. Position top bit on top of legs at desired height.
5. Drill holes at the side of the legs into middle stem that’s attached to table top and fasten screws in those holes.

Voila! I use it for drinks, snacks, meals, remotes and laptop.

~ Eyescreamer, Australia