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Computer work area in small space

Computer work area in small space

Materials: Besta Cabinet with Door. AVSIKT Glass door 18×39, frosted glass, aluminum. INREDA Light strip silver color, And some cable management, Wall mount for LCD.

Description: I live in a large single apartment so things were getting a little tight, and wanted to make the space look better.

I originally got some ideas from visiting IKEA Hackers. I must have taken 5 trips to IKEA before figuring how I was going to achieve what I wanted..

So I decided that the kitchen cabinet door was just the right size and enough space for a keyboard and mouse. I used two L bracket to secure it to the wall. Even though the door has glass in the middle the edges are metal and was able to secure it to the L bracket with metal screws. The LCD was mounted on the wall and my HP Envy printer with additional papers would fit in a Framsta cabinet that would be placed above the LCD at 90 degree angle to the the LCD.

Computer work area in small space

I added the led light under the kitchen door to give it a cool look, also the light under the Framsta cabinet cause I needed more light. Didn’t take me long to mount all this, I actually finished in a few hours over a couple of days. I needed to cover and ugly old heater that came with this old place so I used a curtain and a staple gun. My computer tower fit well under the desk area. I also purchased a plastic mat for the area under the desk in order for my office chair wheels to not get caught on the rug.

~ Carlos, Santa Monica