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Built-in Entertainment Center

Built-in Entertainment Center

Materials: Besta, Integral, Akurum

Here’s What I Used:

2 Besta Frames
8 drawers (Inreda drawers, Besta drawer fronts)
8 drawer pulls (Strecket Handles)
4 Akurum doors
2 Integral rails
wood from Home Depot**
Accessories–mirrors, candles, globes, baskets(Ikea BYHOLMA)

Built-in Entertainment Center
Built-in Entertainment Center
Built-in Entertainment Center
Built-in Entertainment Center

Here’s What I Did:

I measured all the built-in spaces first so that I knew the correct measurements and which Ikea frames would work.

I took a Besta drawer front to Home Depot and tried to match the color for the wall paint

Tape off surrounding area,spackle,sand and paint the built-in area

Assemble and install the Besta frames and drawers

For the Integral rail and Akurum door slides, I had to do some math and figure out what kind of wood I would need in order to get the rail to attach to the wall (because they are meant to work with the Ikea kitchen cabinets). Once I got the wood, I cut it to size, pre-drilled some holes and attached it to the wall. After that, I could then install the railing system without any issues. The bottom doors on the built in are still Akurum doors, but I had to turn them sideways and mark new railing placements on them so that they would work for that opening.

See more of the entertainment system.

~ Loi, Orlando, FL