Lack LEGO Table

Materials: LACK Side Table

Description: My son has been asking for a LEGO table ever since he saw one at his dentist’s office. After searching for a reasonably priced LEGO table and not finding one, I decided to make him one myself using an IKEA LACK side table. This hack was very inexpensive, very easy to do and my son loves his new LEGO table!

– IKEA LACK Side Table (my mom actually had one laying around the house)
LEGO Duplo Green Building Plate (15″ X 15″) $16.99

Things we had around the house:
– Earthquake Putty
– Two Wall Hooks
Liquid Nails Adhesive
– Two Tin Buckets

1. Attach the LEGO base plate to the table with Earthquake Putty.

2. Attach 2 hooks to the bottom of the table with liquid nails adhesive.

3. Once the liquid nails adhesive dries (1 hour to dry, 8 hours to cure). Place one bucket on each hook and fill them with LEGOS.

See more of the Lack Lego table.

~ Adriana, Southern California