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LEKMAN Watercooled

Materials: LEKMAN-Box, Dremel, Driller

Description: Being an EXPEDIT-FAN (got a lot of them in our home) my wife inspired me to put my whole watercooled Computer in a Lekman Box as she always hurt her knees at the BIG Computer-Case under the EXPEDIT-Desk…

I knew that it is possible to put a “normal” PC in a Lekman Box, but the problem was to get a whole watercooled PC in that tiny Box…

So first I tried a 3D-Modell with Google-Sketchup to find out anything would match in the LEKMAN Box; And Yes it should work…

So I had to cut out the AIR-Holes for the radiators in the front and for the Mainboard, Power-Plug and another Radiator at the Back, so the Air can get through the whole Case, because the PC will stand in an EXPEDIT beneath my desk.

As I have no Laser or anything like that I had to drill an “dremel“, what was really tricky with that plastic of the box, but finally it worked (would get much better with the right tools)..

~ Dirk Rafelt, Düsseldorf, Germany