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Cheapest home studio desk ever!

Materials: Vika Amon, Vika Curry, Capita, Lack

Description: I had no room for any of my equipment in my small home / project studio. As you can see from the before picture, everything was just piled up in 2 old desks and the wires were everywhere.


I decided I needed a new desk. I was going to buy one online for around £400, but after coming across this site, I decided it would be a whole lot cheaper to build it myself, and it was, almost 10x cheaper!

I used a VIKA AMON table top combined with 4 VIKA CURRY legs for the main desk base. However, the problem with this was that i didnt have enough room for my keyboard and my monitor. I decide to build another shelf using 1 LACK wall shalf and 1 pack of CAPITA legs. Now there is room for my keyboard, my monitor and my speakers, with room left over!

The great thing now it that I don’t need to move everything around to use certain equipment. It’s all there ready for me. Most of the wires are also hidden underneath the desk, with exception for my USB hub and wireless mouse base!

1 x VIKA AMON Table top – £20 ($31.69)
4 x VIKA Curry – £8 (£12.67)
1 x LACK Wallshalf – £9.99 ($15.83)
4 x CAPITA legs (1 pack) – £8 ($12.67)

Total: £45.99 ($72.86)

~ Simon McKeon, England