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Billy Dollcase

Materials: Billy 3′ bookcase

1. Buy a 90cm x 90cm Billy bookcase, and buy a few spare shelves (or find them on a nature-strip like I did.)

2. Cut some of the spare shelves to fit vertically between the original bookcase shelves, and set them there with double-sided mounting tape.

3. Cut two of the same length of spare shelves at 45 degrees to make the roof, attach them to each other with steel right-angle brackets.

4. Attach them to the case with hinges to allow for the 45 degree angle. If you mess this bit up, chalk it up to “Modern Art” or something, and proceed to Step 4 without guilt.

4. Repeat Step 2, but this time for the “attic” created by the new roof.

5. There is no Step 5.

~ Andrew Saffer, Melbourne, Australia